5 Benefits of Vegan Protein Powder


Vegan protein powder is a great way to supplement protein into your diet if you are struggling to hit the right amount from whole foods alone.  Not only is it a great way to top up the amount of protein you are eating, but there are also plenty of other benefits.


You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to use protein powder, and while it is great for the really jacked guys at the gym, there are plenty of benefits for anyone who uses it. If you are looking for supplements to aid weight loss then you will find a wide range of vegan protein powders which will boost your metabolism.  The reason for this is that plant protein is full of fibre, which your body will take a while to digest, making your body spend extra time burning the plant protein and improving the way it burns fat.  Also, in terms of fibre alone, vegan protein is so much better than animal proteins because it contains little to no fibre.


Vegan protein powder is also full of vitamins and minerals, which are hugely important in keeping healthy. In comparison to meat, plants contain higher levels of these nutrients, meaning that if you struggle to hit your five a day and don’t want to take vitamin supplements every day then vegan protein supplements can be a great way to squeeze some extra vitamins and minerals into your diet.  
Another way to boost the number of vitamins and minerals you are consuming is to add fruit and vegetables to your protein powder – like making a smoothie with a scoop of protein powder and your favourite fruit and veg for your breakfast.



One of the great benefits of using vegan protein powder over animal products is the ability to avoid hormones and antibiotics. Unfortunately, animals are often given these additives, which can then make their way into whey protein. 

vegan protein powder

Another benefit of vegan protein powder is that plants are high in amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. This means that vegan protein can help to recover and develop muscle tissue if you are working out.  Also, certain amino acids, such as Beta Alanine, mean that you can train at high intensity for longer periods of time.  This means that vegan protein powder can benefit you if you are exercising regularly in order to grow and strengthen your muscles.

Finally, vegan protein powder is also great at combating acidity and alkalizing our bodies. Carbs are more acidic in nature, causing our pH levels to be unbalanced, so plant-based protein is a great way to deal with this. This is because they are super rich in minerals, and help your kidneys to neutralise our blood so they don’t have to work quite so hard. 

Whatever your health and fitness goals, if a Vegan lifestyle is important to you, that doesn’t mean achieving them needs to be any more difficult. Vegan Supplement Store offers a large range of protein powders, supplements and meal replacements which can support you in your objectives.