About Us

How We Began

As with many great ideas, Vegan Supplement Store first began as a result of trying to solve a problem.

Being keen athletes, we had been discussing how difficult it was to get good quality Vegan, plant-based protein. We had tried other Vegan sports supplements and protein powders, but the taste was never great and neither of us felt fully comfortable buying protein from a company that wasn't fully Vegan. And for those brands that were fully vegan we found that their products either tasted bad or didn't mix well.

So, it wasn’t long before our journey began - we wanted to develop a range of great-tasting Vegan products that were true to our own values. After months of research and development, defining our own ingredients and flavours, and creating our brand, Vegan Supplement Store was born.

Aside from being able to work on something we love and we are passionate about, Vegan Supplement Store has given us an opportunity to do something we enjoy and care deeply about. 

Our Vegan Mission

Our mission is to bring high quality, great tasting, fully-Vegan sports nutrition products to the masses. On our website you don't even need to read through the ingredients list to know that every single one of our products is 100% Vegan Certified and of the highest standards.

Whatever your reason for choosing a Vegan product we’re sure that you’ll agree with us - there are so many benefits to choosing a meat-free lifestyle that more needs to be done to raise awareness. In the meantime, we aim to do what we can to help...

For the animals - we live in a time where animals suffering at the hands of humans is unnecessary and unjustified. Choosing a plant-based lifestyle is a way of helping to reduce this practise.

For the athletes - whether you go to the gym once a week or play for a national sports team, nutrition is key and can be the difference between success and failure. Our products have all been formulated to deliver optimal nutrition to help you surpass your goals.

For the planet - meat consumption and cattle herding is suffocating our planet and accounts for 51% of greenhouse gases*. We could reduce this immediately by removing our consumption of animal products and adopting a Vegan lifestyle. Our range of products can support you to do just that.

"We are a fully Vegan company and always will be."



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