8 Simple Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

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8 Simple Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

What Is The Body's Metabolism?

Put simply, the metabolism is the chemical reactions that happen inside the body to help it live, grow and repair itself. Your body uses catabolism and anabolism as part of this process, however, the most important factor is the availability of nutrients that your body can use.

Your body uses the nutrients you provide it with to supply energy and the chemicals that it cannot create for itself. Among these nutrients are oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen - in fact there are more than 20 nutrients that your body needs in order to perform properly. 

What Is The Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)?

The Basal Metabolic Rate (more commonly referred to as BMR), relates to the amount of energy your body consumes in order to maintian itself - this includes things like breathing, digesting food and repairng the damage that happens to your body daily. 

What Factors Influence Metabolic Rate?

The term 'slow metabolism' relates to someone whose body is considered to be using little energy (calories) in maintaining itself and there are many factors that can influence this. Age is often cited as a key reason for a slow metabolism, however this is often a by-product of lifestyle factors. One crucial factor in BMR is how much muscle there is in your body, as muscle uses more energy in order to keep itself maintained. Often, as we get older, we do less exercise (and therefore lose muscle) consume more calories than we burn (and therefore gain fat) and we become more sedentary.

How Can I Boost My Metabolism?

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