Vegan BMI Calculator

How to calculate your BMI

What is BMI?

BMI stands for Body Mass Index and it provides a quick and simple way to get a basic indication of of whether or not your weight is considered 'healthy'.

How is BMI calculated?

BMI is calculated by using your weight and height to generate a figure that is typically between 15 and 40, but 'healthy' is generally considered to be between 18 and 25. 

How reliable is BMI?

Most health and medical professionals consider BMI to be a reasonable indicator of whether or not you are a healthy weight. The majority of people can use the BMI method as a guide to whether or not their weight should be a concern, however, as muscle is more dense and therefore weighs more than fat, it can create a misleading impression. As a result, bodybuilders and those with much more muscle than is typical, should use other methods to determine whether or not their weight is healthy. 

What is a healthy BMI score?

According to the NHS website, if your BMI is below a score of 18.5 then you would be considered underweight. And if your BMI score is over 25 then you would be considered overweight. 

How to calculate your BMI score

As age and gender are important factors for determining what your weight and BMI should be our calculator also takes these into account. Follow these simple steps to calculate your current BMI and find out what your ideal weight should be based on your age and gender.

  1. Choose your gender (as shown on your birth certificate)
  2. Enter your age
  3. Enter your height in feet and inches
  4. Enter your weight in pounds.
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