Free Guides For Healthy Vegans, Vegetarians and Flexitarians

Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian PDF Guides - Free Download

For many people, especially those starting out on their vegan journey, or those taking the early steps to a plant-based lifestyle through being vegetarian, flexitarian or even reducitarian, the transition can be quite tough. We know from our own experiences that shopping takes at least twice as long, it can cost at least twice as much (if you buy the wrong things) and often the over-reliance on carbs can play havoc with our waistlines. And that's not to mention the hackneyed questions about B12 deficiencies and "Where do you get your protein?". That's why we have created a library of free guides for you to download and enjoy.

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FREE Download: 30 Day Vegan Challenge Guide

30 Day Vegan Challenge - Free PDF Download
We partnered with MumWarrior and bikini athelete,  Martine Warmann to create this free guide, full of useful diet and exercise tips.
Covering 30 days, this guide is ideal for anyone wanting to get fit, lose weight and transition to a vegan diet.
Explained in simple steps, with useful links, advice and illustrations this free download is a must-have for achieving those New Year resolutions. 


FREE Download: Indulgent, High Protein Recipes

High Protein Healthy Vegan Recipes - Free PDF Download

"So, where do you get your protein?". If only we had a pound for every time we had heard that. Non-vegans seem convinced that life on a plant-based diet is one devoid of protein, living on salad and crisps and missing out on anything vageuly tasty. How wrong they are!

We have developed 12 delicious recipes, that are high in protein, healthy and look completely mouth-watering. Our guess is that non-vegans wouldn't even imagine that plant-based food could taste this good.


FREE Download: 5 Step Guide To Losing Fat On A Vegan Diet

How to lose weight on a vegan diet (guide) - free PDF download

Losing weight on a plant-based or vegan diet is much the same as trying to lose weight on any other kind of diet - you need to consume fewer calories than your body uses in a day. Sounds simple, right? If it was truly simple then why does it feel so difficult?

We've pulled together this simple, yet essential guide containing 5 simple steps you can follow to give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding on your weight or fat-loss goals. 


FREE Download: 21 Healthy Vegan Recipes

Healthy Vegan Recipes - Free PDF Download

Containing 21 delicious recipes, covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks this free guide provides you with an essential 'starter' recipe book to getting to grips with healthy eating on a plant-based diet. 

Each recipe comes with a shopping list, full instructions and a breakdown of macros (carbs, protein and fats) for each serving, plus the amount of calories in each. 


FREE Download: Nutrition For Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss

Free Guide - Nutrition for weight loss versus fat loss
When you're looking to change the way you look, rather than just seeing a number on your scales reduce, you'll want to make sensible choices about how you manage your nutrition. From planning your food and drink intake to setting realistic goals and taking measurements in the most accurate ways, this simple guide covers some of the key factors you'll need to consider and implement if you want to make a success of achieving your goals.


FREE Download: 8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

8 Simple Ways To Boost Your Metabolism - Free Download

Metabolism is a key factor that determines much of how your body looks and behaves. This guides gives you 8 simple methods you can utilise to boost your metabolism quickly and easily.