Vegan Protein Shakes: The Benefits

Depending on your fitness goals, the amount of protein you need to consume can be pretty high, and a vegan protein shake is one of the best ways to boost your protein levels.  These are some of the benefits of supplementing protein in your diet.


Why the fuss about protein?

Protein functions as the building blocks for your body, and is essential for growth, repair and maintenance.  Protein is used to build and repair tissues, especially muscle tissues, as well as hair and nails.  It also creates enzymes, hormones, bones, cartilage, blood and skin. 

 vegan protein shake

What are the benefits?

Unlike carbohydrates and fats, protein isn’t stored in the body, meaning that you don’t have a store to draw from if you are running low.  This means that supplementing protein in the form of a vegan protein shake or bar is a great way to top up your protein levels in a quick and easy way.


One of the biggest benefits of drinking a vegan protein shake after a workout is that they take less time to digest than solid food, meaning that your body can begin to repair your muscles quicker.  You can also drink a protein shake 30 minutes before a workout, meaning that you will damage your muscles less as you train, you can also add extra carbs (such as a banana) to give you extra energy.


If your aim is fat loss, using a protein shake as a meal replacement can help you to lose more weight.  This is because protein is more satiating, and boosts your metabolism.  This means that using a vegan protein shake to replace one day a meal while you eat a low calorie diet can help you to lose fat.


Another way that a vegan protein shake can benefit fat loss is through portion control.  While portion control with wholefoods can be quite difficult, because protein shakes have controlled portion sizes (in the form of scoops), as well as having controlled levels of fat, protein, carbs, and calories, it makes portion control easier.


Also, where you can get a variety of flavoured shakes, your options are super versatile.  You can also choose to add other nutrients which will compliment the flavour of your shake, as well as making your shake even more beneficial to your health.  This can include berries, seeds (e.g. chia or flax), and nut butter.  This will stop your shakes from getting boring and repetitive, and you can tailor each shake to your needs that day.


These are some of the biggest benefits of implementing a vegan protein shake into your diet, and this can aid both muscle gain and fat loss.  Vegan Supplement Store have tons of helpful supplements that can aid your vegan diet, supporting muscle & mass, fat loss, and health & wellbeing.  This includes amazing tasting vegan protein shakes and vegan meal replacements.

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