Where Do Vegans And Vegetarians Get Their Protein? 100+ Top Vegan Protein Sources

100+ vegan protein sources

One of the most common questions vegans and vegetarians are asked is "Where do you get your protein?". Given traditional thinking has been that you need meat, fish, dairy or eggs if you are to get enough protein, this is not an entirely suprising question. Whether it's for sports, body-building, weight-loss diets (such as Atkins) or general health, our society is aware of the importance of consuming enough protein. Therefore, given the perceived disparity between the need to consume protein and the lack of meat or dairy in a plant-based diet, it's understandable that some people might be confused.

As initiatives such as Veganuary gain awareness and mainstream programming reflects the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle an increasing number of people are seeking information about where they can obtain their protein while following a plant-based lifestyle.

The Most Common Vegan Protein Sources

A simple Google search delivers hundreds of articles providing guidance on the best sources of vegan protein - the most common ones are:

  1. Soya
  2. Seitan
  3. Edamame
  4. Pea
  5. Mycoprotein (aka Quorn)
  6. Tofu
  7. Tempeh
  8. Lentils
  9. Chickpeas
  10. Hempseed.

High Protein, Low Calorie Vegan Recipes

Equipped with a shopping list of all these potential plant-based protein sources, one might think it simple to add these into your daily diet - and this is true, especially if you're fond of cooking.

At Vegan Supplement Store we fully endorse and recommend a varied diet full of whole foods, minimal processed foods and plenty of fresh fruit and vegatables daily. We've even produced our own healthy vegan recipe books to make it easier to prepare healthy plant-based meals. However, we also understand that not everyone likes spending time in the kitchen - or indeed many do not feel they can spare the time to prepare meals on top of a full-time job, parental responsibilities and many of the other stresses of modern life. That's why we conducted our own research to discover the highest protein plant-based foods available in the main high street shops or online.

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Finding High Protein Vegan Products

A few years ago conducting our research would have been a lot more difficult. In fact, when we were founded in 2018, the shelves of supermarkets rarely had much variety and often the plant-based products were buried in amongst the rest of the range - this meant that the time spent shopping often took a lot longer than non-vegan shopping. Nowadays many supermarkets have dedicated sections of frozen, chilled and packet foods, making it much easier to find the products you're looking for.

Asda Plant-Based Vegan Chilled Cabinet

Each of the main supermarkets even have dedicated vegan and/or vegetarian sections of their websites:

For the purposes of our analysis we have also included The Vegan Kind website which features hundreds of vegan products with the convenience of online shopping.

Given that there are now thousands of plant-based products available we sought to focus on those that have the highest protein content. But that's not all we looked at.

300+ Sources Of Vegan Protein And Their Calorie Content

Whether you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle or just maintain a healthy bodyweight, calorie consumption is going to be the key factor in determining your success. Naturally, as a health supplements company, we wanted to understand the relationship between vegan products that claim to be high protein and the amount of calories they contain. In the table below you can see that, for each product, we have recorded the amount of calories and grams of protein per 100g/ml, together with the primary source of protein (althought many products contain a mix of proteins). We have also calculated the ratio of calories per gram of protein and ranked the table in ascending order of the number of calories that need to be consumed for each gram of protein.

In our list, the top 10 products with the lowest number of calories per gram of protein are:

  1. Biona Organic Seitan Pieces
  2. Vivera Veggie Mince
  3. Love Seitan - Simply (Plain) Seitan Log
  4. Loma Vegan Tuno in Spring Water
  5. Good Catch Plant Based Tuna Naked In Water
  6. The Unbelievable Alt. Chickenless Strips
  7. Biona Organic - Seitan Pieces Marinated in Ginger & Soya Sauce
  8. Vegan Supplement Store Protein Powder
  9. This Isn't Bacon Plant-Based Rashers
  10. Asda No Chick Meat Free Strips

The majority of protein within these products comes from Soya, Wheat Gluten or Pea.

For the full list of over 300 products in our list, enter your email address below:

Top 100 Vegan Foods With High Protein

Per 100g/ml Calories (Kcal) Protein (g) Ratio (Kcal per G of protein) Primary Protein Basis
Biona Organic Seitan Pieces 92.2 18.3 5.0 Wheat Gluten
Vivera Veggie Mince 109 21 5.2 Soya
Love Seitan - Simply (Plain) Seitan Log 158 28 5.6 Wheat Gluten
Loma Vegan Tuno in Spring Water 70 12.3 5.7 Soya
Good Catch Plant Based Tuna Naked In Water 109 19 5.7 Pea
The Unbelievable Alt. Chickenless Strips 151 26 5.8 Soya
Biona Organic - Seitan Pieces Marinated in Ginger & Soya Sauce 101 17.2 5.9 Wheat Gluten
Vegan Supplement Store Protein Powder 369 62 6.0 Pea
This Isn't Bacon Plant-Based Rashers 152 24.5 6.2 Soya
Asda No Chick Meat Free Strips 124 19.7 6.3 Soya
Like Meat Soya Based Organic Chicken Bites 114 18 6.3 Soya
Vivera Veggie Bacon Pieces 95 15 6.3 Soya
Naked Glory Smoky BBQ Deli Readybites 115 18 6.4 Soya
Good Catch Plant Based Tuna Mediterranean 122 19 6.4 Pea
Quorn 4 Meat Free Vegan Fillets 92 14.2 6.5 Mycoprotein
Naked Glory Tenderstrips Tikka 130 20 6.5 Soya
The Unbelievable Alt. Beefless Strips 156 24 6.5 Soya
The Unbelievable Alt. Beefless Mince 156 24 6.5 Soya
Tesco Meat Free Vegetarian Mince 99 15.1 6.6 Soya
Squeaky Bean Chicken Kebab Style Sandwich Slice 219 32 6.8 Wheat Gluten
Plant Pioneers Meat Free Mince 141 20.1 7.0 Soya
The Unbelievable Alt. Lambless Strips 155 22 7.0 Soya
This Isn't Chicken Plant-Based Sea-Salt & Black Pepper Pieces 160 22.7 7.0 Soya
Squeaky Bean Ready To Eat Deli Pastrami Sandwich Slice 223 31 7.2 Wheat Gluten
Quorn Vegan Smoky Ham Free Slices 101 14 7.2 Mycoprotein
Like Meat Soya Based Organic Kebab 130 18 7.2 Soya
Squeaky Bean Ready To Eat Italian Ham Style Sandwich Slices 224 31 7.2 Wheat Gluten
Linda Mccartney 6 Vegetarian Red Onion & Rosemary Sausages 123 16.5 7.5 Soya
Quorn Meat Free Vegan Pieces 113 15 7.5 Mycoprotein
GranoVita Mock Duck Vegan Seitan in Gravy 111 14.7 7.6 Wheat Gluten
Naked Mince Without The Moo 156 20.5 7.6 Soya
VBites Cheatin Rashers 189 24.8 7.6 Wheat Gluten
Granose Burger Mix 150 19.5 7.7 Soya
Marigold Mo-Du Vegan Braised Seitan Slices 100 13 7.7 Wheat Gluten
Explore Cuisine Organic Edamame Spaghetti 327 42.2 7.7 Soya
Tesco Meat Free Chicken Style Pieces 187 23.7 7.9 Wheat
Squeaky Bean Vegan Roast Chicken Sandwich Slices Ready To Eat 229 29 7.9 Wheat Gluten
ASDA Plant Based Vegan Meat Free Mince 179 22 8.1 Soya
Tesco Meat Free Meat Style Burgers 168 20.6 8.2 Soya
Oumph! Sticky Smokehouse Fillets 123 15 8.2 Soya
Linda McCartney's 6 Vegetarian Sausages 153 18.6 8.2 Soya
Broccoli (generic) 34 4.1 8.3 Broccoli
Linda McCartney's Vegetarian Beef Roast Red Wine Glaze 126 15 8.4 Soya
Bonsan Kofu Fishfree Fillet 203 24 8.5 Soya
Waitrose Vegan 2 Chunky Soya Burgers 160 18.8 8.5 Soya
Quorn Vegan Chicken Free Slices 94 11 8.5 Mycoprotein
Pulled Oumph! 120 14 8.6 Soya
Linda McCartneys Vegemince 171 19.9 8.6 Soya
Linda Mccartney Shredded Hoisin Duck 190 22.1 8.6 Soya
Oumph! Kebab Spiced 129 15 8.6 Soya
Kingfisher Sliced Bamboo Shoot in Water 13 1.5 8.7 Bamboo shoots
Squeaky Bean Ready To Eat Chicken Style Pieces Tikka 192 22 8.7 Wheat
Linda McCartney's Vegetarian Sausages 160 17.9 8.9 Soya
Naked Glory Mince 180 20 9.0 Soya
The Tofoo Co. Smoked Tofu 137 15.2 9.0 Soya
Squeaky Bean Ready To Eat Hot & Spicy Chicken Style Pieces 199 22 9.0 Wheat
Cauldron Original Tofu 118 13 9.1 Soya
Well Well - Soya Sliced Sausage - Salami Flavour 154 16.8 9.2 Soya
Tenderstem Broccoli Tips (generic) 35 3.8 9.2 Broccoli
Squeaky Bean Ready To Eat Chicken Syle Pieces BBQ 194 21 9.2 Wheat
Clearspring Tofu 61 6.5 9.4 Soya
Vivera Plant Chicken Tenders 161 17 9.5 Soya
Linda Mccartney Bbq Pulled Pork Burger 154 16.1 9.6 Soya
Plant Power Original Tempeh 184 19 9.7 Soya
The Tofoo Co. Naked Tofu 123 12.6 9.8 Soya
The Tofoo Co. Tempeh 208 21.3 9.8 Soya
Bonsan Breakfast Scramble 49 5 9.8 Soya
ASDA Plant Based Vegan Meat Free Meatballs 157 16 9.8 Soya
Taifun Smoked Tofu 187 19 9.8 Soya
Good Catch Plant Based Tuna Oil & Herbs 188 19 9.9 Pea
Fry's Artisan Lightly Seasoned Vegan Chicken-Style Strips 188 18.8 10.0 Wheat
Morrisons Sliced Mushrooms In Water 19 1.9 10.0 Mushrooms
The Tofoo Co. Teriyaki 156 15.6 10.0 Soya
Vivera Veggie Shawarma Kebab 150 15 10.0 Soya
Granose Sausage Mix 151 15 10.1 Soya
M&S Edamame and Pea pot 98 9.7 10.1 Soya
Tesco Plant Chef 6 Herby Bangers 171 16.9 10.1 Soya
ASDA Plant Based 8 Vegan Beef Style Burgers 184 18 10.2 Soya
Vegilantes Smoky Bbq Ribs 208 20 10.4 Mushroom
The Meatless Farm Co Meat Free Mince 199 19.1 10.4 Soya
Morrisons Vegan Taste No Meatballs 164 15.7 10.4 Soya
Waitrose Vegan Soya Balls 164 15.7 10.4 Soya
Linda McCartney's Vegetarian Meatballs 185 17.5 10.6 Soya
Loma Linda Fishless Tuna Lemon Pepper 99 9.3 10.6 Soya
Tofurky Italian Sausage with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Basil 267 25 10.7 Soya
Birds Eye Green Cuisine Mexican Fajita Style Mix 93 8.6 10.8 Pea
ASDA Plant Based 2 Vegan Quarter Pounders with Cheddar Alternative & Red Onion 174 16 10.9 Soya
Morrisons V Taste Big Burgers 134 12.3 10.9 Wheat Gluten
VBites VegiDeli Sage and Onion Slices 234 21.3 11.0 Wheat Gluten
Alpro Soya Light 22 2 11.0 Soya
Tesco Plant Chef Meat Free Soya Roast 235 21.3 11.0 Soya
Sainsbury's Edamame Beans 131 11.7 11.2 Soya
Loma Linda Fishless Tuna Chilli 114 10.1 11.3 Soya
Waitrose Vegan Soya Mince 219 19.4 11.3 Soya
Gosh! Great Food Chunky Broad Bean & Quinoa Bites 95 8.4 11.3 Chickpeas
Better Nature - Marinated Tempeh Bites 210 18.5 11.4 Lupin beans
Fry's Vegan Artisan Smoked Hot Dogs 194 16.9 11.5 Soya
No Bull 2 Vegan Steak-Style Burgers 266 23 11.6 Wheat
Linda McCartney's Frozen Vegetarian Chorizo Sausages 147 12.5 11.8 Soya
Linda McCartney Chorizo & Red Pepper Sausages 147 12.5 11.8 Soya
Vegan Supplement Store Meal Replacement 403 34 11.9 Pea
Vivera Veggie Greek Kebab 167 14 11.9 Soya
HECK Meat-Free Magic 95 7.8 12.2 Pea
KTC Mung Beans 297 24 12.4 Mung beans
Naked Glory 2 Vegan Quarter Pounders 186 15 12.4 Soya

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In Conclusion

While the majority of the products in our research are heavily processed, we recommend that anyone trying to follow a healthy diet does so using as many whole foods as possible and that they try to minimise processed foods. However, what our research reveals is 3 very important factors:

  1. It is very easy for vegans to eat sufficient protein without consuming too many calories.
  2. It is easier than ever to find vegan products in most supermarkets and online.
  3. Despite this research and the increasing popularity of plant-based lifestyles, people will continue to ask "Where do you get your protein?"

Next time someone asks you where you get your protein from, play them this amusing, but annoying YouTube clip:




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