7 Day Vegan Diet Weight Loss Plan

7 Day Vegan Diet Weight Loss Plan (Download)

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For experienced vegans or those who are great in the kitchen, knocking up a tasty vegan meal is probably simple, but for many of us, especially those that are new to the vegan lifestyle, it can be quite stressful and time-consuming. Often we just reach for the most convenient option - and sadly these are often the highest in calorie content (bread, pasta, oil-rich foods). Alternatively, we opt for processed foods because they are the most convenient, even though we know they are not the healthiest option for us,

To help those that need it, we have produced a 7-day vegan meal plan to help you plan out 7 days of eating while managing your calorie intake carefully. Whether you are on a weight-loss diet or trying to bulk up, tracking your calorie intake is crucial to your success. This meal plan provides a great foundation towards achieving your goals.

Includes 30 Tasty and Healthy Vegan Recipes

Among the 30 recipes we have included you can choose from a range of meal types - from breakfast, lunch and dinner to quick healthy snacks. Each recipe provides a detailed ingredients list together with simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. There is even a high-quality colour photo of each mouth-watering recipe so you can see how your final creation should look.

Four of the recipes you can look forward to enjoying are:

  • Breakfast - Veggie scramble
  • Lunch - Italian omelette
  • Dinner - Vegan buddha bowl
  • Snack -   Oven-roasted spiced chickpeas

Recommended Calorie-tracking Tools

One of the best tools we have come across for tracking calories and macro-nutrients (carbs, protein, fat) is MyFitnessPal. We recommend using this alongside the calorie tracking template and the 'recipe calorie tables' in the Plan. The tables help to identify the recipes and servings that are most closely aligned with your goals (e.g. weight-loss). You can then use the nutritional information alongside each recipe to ensure you are getting the amount of calories and nutrients that you are targeting.

Money-Back Guarantee

We developed this plan to help our customers achieve their goals, be that weight loss, weight gain or just eating healthier. In doing so we really got into the process and we have loved every minute of it - from tasting the recipes ourselves to getting feedback from friends and family. We are delighted with the results and we hope you will be able to say the same. In fact, we are so determined that you enjoy this 7 Day Vegan Diet Weight Loss Plan we are prepared to offer you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you are not entirely happy with it. Could you ask for a better bargain?

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