Vegan Raspberry Ketones Plus Capsules for Weight Loss and Fat Loss
Vegan Raspberry Ketones Plus Capsules

Vegan Raspberry Ketones Plus Capsules

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Raspberry Ketones Plus is an optimal combination of Guarana, Black Pepper, Green tea and Acai Berry. All of these key ingredients are known to make a huge difference to those attempting to manage their weight. This product helps to reduce feelings of hunger and help to maintain a healthy metabolism.

Each Vegan capsule contains: Raspberry Ketones 300mg, Acai Berry Extract 50mg [which provides: 20% Polyphenols 10mg], Green Tea Extract 50mg [which provides: 40% Polyphenols 20mg], Guarana Powder 225mg [which naturally provides: Caffeine, Theobromine & Theophyline], Black Pepper Extract 33mg [which provides: 95% Piperine 30mg].